Non-Vegetarian and Vegetarian Food Near Me

Masalabar is all about authentic Indian food and superior dinning experience. Our recipes are inspired by age old Indian culinary practices with a combination of herbs and spices which delivers that inspiring taste. The clay oven cooking and recipes play a crucial role in our menu.

Our Journey

Masala Bar & Grill is an ode to the rich Indian culture and an honest effort to bring the heritage to Australia to spread love and the immeasurable joy of eating delectable food. We are always serving up a flavourful melange of signature dishes handpicked by our talented chefs that represent different parts of India. Over the years, we have entertained many guests who have now become regulars, and we are confident that once you walk in through our doors, your favourite Fine Dine Near Me will always be Masala Bar & Grill.

Our Food

Our lavish and extensive menu features several iconic dishes that will cater to everyone, no matter what type of flavour palate you prefer! Starting with our signature Butter Chicken, Tandoori Prawns, Lamb Korma, the names are enough to offer a tantalizing trailer. For patrons looking for Vegetarian Food near Me, we have the ever-tasty Dal Makhani, Paneer Butter Masala, and a variety of street food options that will transport you to the colourful streets of India, teaming up with delicacies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Indian food available in Australia?

Australia has no shortage of Indian food. Masala Bar and Grill strives hard to harness the true flavours of India in their delicately crafted dishes; this alone is the reason why it is the Best Indian Food, Melbourne.

What is the most popular food in Melbourne?

Butter Chicken and Dal Makhani enjoyed with Naan Bread is arguably the most popular Indian food requested in Melbourne. If you are craving these iconic dishes, Masala Bar and Grill has it all and more in the all-inclusive menu.

Why is Indian food so expensive?

Indian food is cooked with laborious hours, love, and care, and to bring it fresh to your homes and tables require extra attention. However, Masala Bar and Grill makes it a point to keep the prices affordable while remaining uncompromising on the quality and staying true to its brand.

Is vegetarian food available in Australia?

Yes, Australia is a land full of flavours and caters to every food preference. With new options cropping up every day and no dearth of fresh produce, it is not difficult to find vegetarian food. If you are craving vegetarian Indian food, Masala Bar and Grill has an impressive array of vegetarian dishes.