Try Our Indian Veg Flavours

If you live near Clyde North and have the sudden craving to eat Indian food, you’d find a haven in Masalabar and Grill. Our Indian restaurant in Clyde North is one of the few ethnic restaurants in the city that serve authentic Indian food in all its glory. From the choice of flavours to their texture, and proportion, our chefs know a thing or two about mirroring the key attributes of Indian food to make our dishes original in every way possible. Don’t believe us? Order from our restaurant today and see for yourself!

Not only does Masalabar and Grill prides itself on making delicious meat-based meals, but our vegetarian menu is worth a look as well. Whether you’re in the mood for some chole bhatura, or want to keep things light and try pav bhaji, the heartthrob of Mumbai, our restaurant will satiate your cravings with its delightful servings of vegetarian flavours. Try our Indian Veg Flavours at our Indian restaurant in Clyde North today.