Indian Cuisine Restaurant in Pakenham

Pakenham is home to some of the finest traditional restaurants in Melbourne, including Masalabar and Grill. We serve sterling Indian dishes that are rich in the authentic flavours and spices of the Indian subcontinent including cumin, chilli pepper, mustard seeds, turmeric and coriander. We combine these ingredients to give the food we make a divine tang. If you want to enjoy a fine Indian dining experience, book a table at Masalabar and Grill today.

At Masalabar and Grill, you can choose from several dishes that form the varied menu of Indian cuisine. You can also try some delicious accompaniments that Indians whole-heartedly savour, such as papad, and raita. Some of the must-try food items at our Indian Cuisine Restaurant in Pakenham are pav bhaji, Kulcha chole, and Chole Bhatura. If you want some meat-based meals to satiate your appetite, we have a plethora of chicken, goat, and fish dishes to choose from.