Non Vegetarian Food by Indian Restaurant

If you’re in Harkaway and looking for a place to enjoy an Indian lunch, visit Masalabar and Grill now. Be it lip-smacking food, refreshing drinks, or cozy ambience, we’ve got all these to offer, and then some more. It’s the best Indian restaurant in Harkaway for a reason. Our varied menu consists of all the dishes that are dear to Indians, including Biryani, which has been winning hearts ever since its invention. Visit our restaurant now to try some mouth-watering Indian dishes.

Non-vegetarian food happens to be Masalabar and Grill’s forte. Our menu boasts all the notable goat, chicken, lamb and fish based dishes. Whether you’re in the mood for some Lamb Korma or Mughlai chicken, you can find all the exotic Indian meat dishes on our menu. Visit our website to order divine non-veg food from the best Indian Restaurant in Harkaway. Don’t forget to check out our dessert menu as well. Enjoy our Non-Vegetarian Food by Indian Restaurant today.