Are You A Potato Lover? You Will Love These Dishes

Potatoes came into our lives all the way from modern-day Peru and made it a little bit special. They have been ruling the vegetable kingdom for a while now. Be it mashed, fried, or boiled, this ingredient in any form can manage to steal the show. So, what are some potato-essential dishes that all potato lovers need to know about? Read on to know the real tea! 

1. Aloo Paratha: 

Indian households have mastered the art of making aloo (potato) paratha. The bread dish is a popular breakfast meal in the Indian subcontinent. While preparing this, mashed potatoes are mixed with some exotic spices before being stuffed into the dough. You can try the delicious bread by punching in “Indian Restaurant Near Me” and finding yourself a top Indian Restaurant in Melbourne. Pro tip: try aloo paratha with butter or pickle. You won’t regret it. 

2. Aloo Tikki Chaat: 

Aloo Tikki Chaat or crispy potato patties is the OG of Indian street food. When prepared well, this could make for a fine dining experience too. Potato, mixed with neatly diced tomatoes and onions, and some quintessential exotic flavours, goes into making this fine eatable. It can be eaten as it is or with gravy. Believe us when we say that some Indians inhale this cuisine due to its luscious tang, which would leave you wanting more. You can try the lip-smacking dish at any top Indian Restaurant in Melbourne. Simply type “Fine Dine Near Me” in the search engine. 

3. Potato Lollipop: 

It’s criminal to call yourself a potato-lover and not like potato lollipops. This easy-to-make dish takes seconds to prepare but is savoury regardless. It has a texture similar to that of a cutlet but a distinct taste in its own right. The prime reason to love these lollipops is their crispness and spiciness. Whether you want to have a quick bite before a meeting, or a hearty brunch with friends, Potato Lollipop could make the day. 

4. Dum Aloo: 

Dum Aloo is a classic in India. This is a highly versatile potato dish that is perfect for a hearty lunch with a friend or a fine dining experience with the family. The cuisine is prepared in a sealed pot to entrap the steam. It is cooked gradually to bring out the best aroma and taste of the flavours added into the mix. Moreover, some chefs also tend to switch it up a little while preparing it, cooking it with either besan, or yogurt, or both! Search “Panjabi Restaurant Near Me”, and nab a table at a top Indian Restaurant in Melbourne to try this lip-smacking dish!