Underrated Curries That Deserve More Hype

Mutton Rogan Josh, Shahi Paneer, Button chicken, Malai Chicken, do these names make your mouth water? Well, of course, they do! These curries dominate Indian food, and for good reasons. But are these the only Indian curries worth savouring? Absolutely not. The diverse menu of the Indian Subcontinent has much more to offer; it’s just the matter of being bold and trying something new out. Here are 4 of the most underrated curries that deserve more hype. You can thank us later!

Chana Masala: 

Chickpea, also known regionally as chana, is a prime ingredient of Indian food. There are various ways in which the chana is made and dressed, one of which includes hurling the delicious ingredient into the curry and adding wide-ranging flavours, such as cumin, coriander powder, turmeric, ginger, amchoor, and the star of the show, garam masala. Fire up your search engine and punch in “Indian Restaurant Near Me” to try this godsent dish!

Calcutta Fish Curry: 

Bengal is famed for its exotic food, typically fish-related cuisines, that attracts foodies from all over the country and abroad. So, naturally, fish curry made in Calcutta-style is something all food-lovers need to try at least once. Trust us, it will leave you spell-bound if you fancy seafood. Cod or halibut, mixed with spicy flavours and ingredients, makes up for an excellent dining experience. Search “Fine Dine Near Me” and book yourself a table at an Indian restaurant to try the delicious Calcutta Fish Curry. 

Murg Do Pyaza: 

The unique thing about Murg Do Pyaza is that only two onions are used in its making. These are added in different intervals, one during the preparation of the masala and the other a little later. The sequence of adding other ingredients is also different, which is why it has a distinct taste, as compared to other chicken curries, delicious nevertheless. It all boils down to how it is made. You can try the savoury tang of this Indian cuisine by booking a table at Top Indian Restaurant in Melbourne.

Kashmiri Goat Korma:

Kashmiri Goat Korma, also known by the name of Kashmiri Mutton Korma regionally, is a cuisine prepared by gradually cooking goat meat with yogurt. There are a plethora of spices added into the mix to give the dish a distinct taste. In the Kasmiri way, it is made in creamy onion gravy, topped with dried fruits and nuts. You could experience the delectable tang of the exotic dish in any Top Indian Restaurant in Melbourne.