Reasons To Love Turmeric!
  • Reasons To Love Turmeric!
  • 2 years ago
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No Indian dish is ever complete without a tint of turmeric. The warm spice, which is used to enhance the taste of all sorts of curries, is one of the most celebrated flavours in the South Asian region. But there’s more to turmeric than its intoxicating tang. Read on to know why you should love this exotic spice that enriches any Indian cuisine.

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Curative Properties:

 Turmeric is hailed in Indian households not only as the star of the kitchen but also because of its curative properties. It can battle bacteria and viruses. People with a weak immune system would indeed find haven in the anti-bacterial and antiviral properties of the spice. Moreover, your cognitive prowess would experience a boost too. Curcumin, a vital component of turmeric, can enhance brain function tremendously. Try turmeric-blessed dishes by searching “Fine Dine Near Me” or “Best Indian Food Melbourne” on google.

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Anti Aging Properties:

Turmeric keeps the annoying aging signs at bay. Curcumin has some notable anti-aging properties that can help you live longer, while physical signs of aging can also be dealt with. People who are concerned about vexing fine lines and wrinkles cursing their skin often apply turmeric-based pastes on their face. Many have indeed vouched for the beauty benefits it has to offer. 


Anti-Inflammatory Properties:

 Inflammation can have numerous catalysts and can often materialize in the form of redness, pain, or swelling. Severe inflammation is even worse and could have far-ranging consequences. Moreover, it can well easily turn into chronic inflammation if proper attention is neglected. To deal with this, various anti-inflammatory food items and spices can be consumed. One of them is turmeric. It has been attributed as a prominent anti-inflammation spice by various scholarly researchers. It also showers your cardiovascular system with love. Some mix the powder with milk and consume it with no additives, just to reap the health benefits offered by the godsend spice. 

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It’s simply delicious:

 If you’re relishing an Indian dish, chances are, it has been graced with turmeric. Above all the health benefits it offers, this spice is exponentially savoury and pulls your heartstrings like no other. The iconic flavour and colour can go well with nearly all curries and leave you with a happy soul. There’s a reason why turmeric lives rent-free in every Indian household. You can find it at Masalabar’s, a topIndian restaurant in Melbourne by typing “Indian Restaurant Near Me”, and try the exquisite tang of Bharat’s most famous spice!