Different Types of Indian Breads
  • Different Types of Indian Breads
  • 2 years ago
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Indians have nailed this whole culinary thing and taught the world a thing or two about good food in the process. One of the most ingenious inventions that came from this South Asian country is different types of bread. Unnumbered varieties of bread can be found in this diverse nation, and Masalabar, the top Indian restaurant in Melbourne, serves them all. Read on to know some of the common types of this staple food.




 Nothing beats a breakfast like parathas. This infinitely popular kind of eatable is made of layered bread. Depending upon the shape and variety you want, it is folded a few times, while the insides can be stuffed with different kinds of vegetables, like onions, radish, or potatoes. You’ve definitely got to try the ones stuffed with potatoes. Fire up your search engine and type “Indian Restaurant Near Me,” and find yourself at a perfect spot to try out this delicious bread. 




Don’t say you know Indian food if you don’t know what a Naan is. This delectable bread came to India with Mughals and became a special part of our diet. Contrary to how normal dough is kneaded (with water), this one is kneaded with milk, giving it a creamy texture that will leave you wanting more! Do try this Bhartiya excellence by punching in “Fine Dine Near Me” and getting a reservation at a top Indian Restaurant in Melbourne. A friendly tip: Try it with Butter Chicken. We swear you won’t regret it. 



Roti lives in the heart of North India. It is essentially white wheat flour, prepared in a griddle. The dough is kneaded with water and made into small softballs. These are then flattened into round chapatis. Rotis can be eaten with all sorts of exotic Indian dishes or curries. Whether it’s Kadhai paneer or Mughlai Chicken, or Mutton Kadhai, Roti, or chapati, it will lighten up any meal. 



Poori is another kind of bread that is an integral part of the Indian diet. The flatbread is prepared by deep-frying it into sizzling oil. These can often look like Bhatoora, which is also a prominent type of bread. But as opposed to a Bhatoora, these are relatively small in size and thinner. To try this Indian excellence, search “Punjabi Restaurant Near Me” on Google and savour the magnificent food that will indeed fill you with delight!