Where To Find Good Indian Food In Melbourne?

It takes unreal skills to master the art of Indian culinary. This can make it tricky to find a good restaurant that serves authentic Indian food outside the South Asian country, but not impossible. Wondering where to eat good Indian food in Melbourne? Allow us to introduce you to Masalabar and Grill.

Masalabar and Grill are one of the few eateries in Clyde that has nearly all the popular Indian dishes lined up on its menu. Whether you’re in the mood for some spicy curry or aromatic biryani, or if you want to mix it up a little and try some Indo-Chinese cuisines, you’ll find everything here, all the way down to Indian desserts, including gulab jamun, Falooda, paan and more. Here are a few reasons why you should book a table at Masalabar and Grill today by typing “Indian Restaurant Near Me”, or “Indian Food Melbourne”. 

1) Good Indian Food

The restaurant’s squad has spent years mastering the making of Indian dishes. With strict attention to detail, you will be presented with authentic Indian food on your table. From aroma, to taste to texture, the chefs can mimic every feature of the exotic food. Even the desserts served here are authentic to the last fibre. To experience the sheer brilliance of this restaurant, fire up your search engine and type “Indian Takeaway Near Me” and reserve a table. 

2) Excellent ambience

Masalabar and Grill have quite a cozy, yet sophisticated ambience to it. From the seating to the lighting, the place feels perfect for family dinners, date nights, and even Sunday brunch with friends. So what are you waiting for? Head to Google and punch in “Top Indian Restaurant in Melbourne” to get yourself a table at this fantastic place. It’s also a perfect spot to throw a party, including birthday bashes, or corporate functions. From food to drinks, everything here is top-notch. 

3) Friendly service

Not only can we imitate the Indian art of cooking, but also their principles of hospitality. You can expect our staffers to cater to all your needs, and follow the age-old philosophy of “the customer is always right”. From top to bottom, the entire squad of the restaurant is friendly and helpful. To experience the supreme hospitality of Masalabar and Grill, find your way here by typing “Brunch Place Near Me”. Trust us, you won’t regret driving down here and savouring some of the most popular Indian delicacies.