Welcome to the world of traditional Punjabi curries and spices. As our name goes, Masala Bar & Grill is all about authentic spices brought from the Indian subcontinent. Our purpose is to serve nothing but the real taste of PUNJAB with “Tadka” over the top and gravies dipped in a silky texture. So, that next time when you search for Punjabi Restaurantsnear me, you know where to go already! 


Now that you have already imagined yourself eating a bowl of Butter Chicken with Naan (traditional bread), let us take you to some of the most loved dishes of our restaurant. Fasten your cravings as you are going to experience a wonderful time ahead:


1. Butter Chicken

We, marinate and slow cook chicken in a creamy tomato cashew gravy. The tender and aromatic pieces of chicken dances into the tangy orange curry that is then loaded with streams of butter. You can’t get your eyes off the moment it is served to you! Imagine the intensity of temptation. To all the Punjabis reading it now, we know what is exactly going in your mind, don’t wait and come try the “Home-style” made Butter Chicken and get lost into some really great food. 


2. Tandoori Murg Masala

At Masala Bar & Grill, we take fresh pieces of chicken and then cook them in the clay oven, tossed with onion & capsicum in an onion-tomato gravy. Tamarind paste along with other intense spices are also added in it the recipe. We advise not to use too much chili, the reason being that you can’t taste the flavors in the curry because of too much spice. But, we can still customize t according to your specific taste. 


3. Mughlai Chicken

Oh! Have you heard of Mughlai Chicken before? It is creamy, dark, and bombed with wholesome spices, herbs, and onion gravy. It is usually said that Mughlai chicken is the best substitute for Paneer or Cheese. Everything from heavy gravy to blend of cashew sweetness, it can be the best to kill your hunger pangs. We especially get it prepared with a delicate texture and glossy garnish. It feels as if you have the real punch of deliciousness. It can take up to 15 ingredients or more but you can still absorb every single ingredient while having it. It is really a king style dish! 


These are the three top Punjabi dishes at our restaurant. They say a true foody cannot resist the aroma of wonderful recipes and we assure that we won’t disappoint your traditional taste buds with any twist. It is always about going back to our basics and enjoying a scrumptious deal of childhood memories. So, next time do not search for Punjabi Restaurants near me, just hop in guys! 


Relish a taste of life with us!