Indian food is love; you can never be satisfied because there is always something you are missing out on. Ask a foodie about their favorite Indian dish and they will tell you a long list of tikkas, Chana Bhatura, and what not!

Indian restaurants near me have basic Indian dishes, they lack variety. We all desire variety in flavors when it comes to food especially Indian or desi. If you also want variety and a unique quality to your food, then Masala Bar and Grill is the perfect place for you.

Masala Bar and Grill, the name sure does give a hint of a spicy meal, but they have way more in store for customers. You can explore a wide range of food items and experience a ride of flavors in your mouth.

This is one of the best Indian restaurants near me for sure, to make you more excited here is a sneak peek into their menu. Check it out;

1. Handi Veg Biryani

Did you know that Biryani was always not made from rice.

Making biryani is a work of art that is why it may appear scary to beginners; it is a complex dish that requires patience. At MBG you can get Handi Veg Biryani in just 15 minutes after you order, another thing you can order it in different options such as you can have it gluten-free, nut, and dairy-free.

2. Paneer Tikka Masala

It's creamy, delicious, and filled with flavor! Paneer Tikka Masala is loved by a lot of people and is a hit among Indian restaurants. Tikka is basically a chunk of paneer which is grilled in a fine manner and then covered with spicy masala to enhance its flavor.

Indian restaurants near me offer a limited variety of paneer but at Masala Bar and Grill you can taste many such as- Paneer Do Pyaza, Paneer Matar Masala, Shahi Paneer, Palak paneer, and much more.

3. Mughlai chicken

Another popular food of India- Mughlai Chicken. It is north India’s dish which is soaked in gravy and served with paratha or rice. Again, at MBG you the waiting time is only 15 minutes.

In the Nutshell

Most Indian restaurants near me serve bland food but after visiting Masala Bar and Grill I again fell in love with Indian food. It is tasty, flavorful, and quite unique from other cuisines. You must go and enjoy delicious food with your friends or family once!