If there is one thing that non-Indians love about the land of diversity, is its vast assortment of delectable food for every mood! The rich spices, divine aroma, and exquisite presentation define the beauty of Indian food which virtually all foodies love to savor, whether Indians or foreigners.

Here are some of the Indian food that foreigners would absolutely relish!

1) Chicken Biryani: Biryani is a romantic ode to Indian food and perhaps one of the things that we pride ourselves on. The magnificent brew of basic Indian spices and delectable pieces of chicken will leave your mouth-watering as you make your way through biryani. Once you take one bite of the delicious chicken biryani prepared by theBest Indian Food Melbourne, you will keep wanting more.

Masalabar and Grill serves the best Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani and the best part? We serve a vegetarian version too! So, the next time you search “Indianrestaurant near me”, walk in confidently through our doors to treat yourself to a delectable feast!

2) Shahi Paneer: Indian food is incomplete without a famous curry dish. Shahi Paneer is a blend of thick, savoring gravy, a variety of spices and vegetables, and big cubes of Indian cottage cheese.

This delectable dish, having its root in the ancient empire of the Mughals, has been at the forefront of the pride of Indian food for decades. The Masalabar and Grill is our top choice when it comes to tasting the exquisite flavors of Shahi paneer as it is Top Indian Restaurant in Melbourne.

3) Butter Chicken: Who thought butter and chicken could make such a mouth-watering partnership? Well, with Indian food, you could expect anything. This spicy curry dish can make every event light up.

The rich butter and cream dancing into a pan with spiced tomato and chicken pieces will lead to the creation of the beauty called butter chicken. Once you taste it, you will be left licking your plate even after you are done!We bet you cannot taste the sizzling chicken without relishing every bite you take.

Masalabar and Grill bring out the best of Indian food and renders the Best Indo Chinese Food Melbourne. Thus, there is no need to fire up your phone’s search engine to search for “fine dine near me”. We have everything that you might need to have a perfect gourmet experience!