If there’s a recipe for success in life, it starts with picking the right ingredients -- Perhaps the only inspiration that made every Indian chef establish a horribly good restaurant fortune. Bringing on your table, some of the heart taking flavors and aromatic recipes at the best Indian restaurant in Melbourne. Along with flavor & fragrance, the vibrant color in food varieties make the entire experience all the more exciting. Indian cuisines are continuously gaining popularity around the globe and thus, at Masala Bar & Grill we strive to make you get familiar with some of the most authentic, mouth-watering dishes of Indian cuisines. 


So, join us on a tour of culinary experience that takes you back to the good ol’ Indian times. Here is a short-list of some dishes which you love giving it a try when you visit an Indian Restaurant in Melbourne. 


Starting with the starters/ appetizers 



Golgappe | Indian Street Food


One of the most exciting street food among tourists from different parts of the world. These are crispy puffed balls that are filled with potato and black chickpea along with tangy-sweet tamarind sauce and spices mixed with refreshing mint water. You can add on chili according to your preference and helps to keep digestion strong. 


Sizzling Paneer -

Sizzling Paneer | Indian Snacks

Sizzling Paneer

You can also order them for snacks. Made out of cottage cheese, which first goes into the marination of yogurt and special spices before getting baked in tandoor. Served hot with a sizzling sound, along with salad and chutney. Paneer is a good source of protein.        


For the main course at Masala Bar & Grill, you can try:


Bhuna Goat - Bhuna in Hindi means slow cooking of meat with spices till the time it becomes tender and melts in your mouth.  This soft and juicy goat meat goes best with Butter Naan, which is another form of Indian chappati.   


Kashmiri goat korma - only the tender parts of goat meat is used in cooking. The gravy of the dish has a rich taste as it is cooked in a creamy onion gravy, topped with dried fruits & nuts. Some special spices that are only found in India.   


Masala Bar & Grill welcomes you to witness Melbourne as a melting pot of culture and cuisine. To be the part of growing love for Indian food and discover the diversity and texture of authentic Indian cuisine.  


To explore some real authentic taste of Indian delicacies on the streets of Melbourne with your friends and family, then Masala Bar & Grill as the best Indian restaurant in Melbourne is exactly where you wish to head for. Experience the magic of spices combination induced till your last bite.

At Masala Bar & Grill, we also offer you a private place for wedding receptions, birthday parties, corporate events, ladies’ gala night, kitty parties and many more. 

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