Delectable Indian Starters to Quell your Hunger Pangs

While Indian curries get all the limelight they deserve, starters are the understated champion as they are ones you get started with while gorging on Indian food. However, it is easy to get lost between the infinite variety of options and flavours. Which one to pick?


Paneer Chilli Dry & Paneer-E-Bahar


Paneer Chilli Dry & Paneer-E-Bahar are very popular Indian starters, and rightfully so! Paneer tikka is zingy with the right level of spice, marinated tender pieces with a slew of flavours, skewered, and then grilled in an earthen over. Enjoyed with green chutney, the finished and smoky dish takes finesse to master, which Masalabar and Grill have plenty of! There is a valid reason why it serves the Best Indian Food, Melbourne.


Seekh Kebab


Any Indian Restaurant Near Me worth its salt will have the legendary seekh kebab on their list. Straight from the Nawabi lanes of Lucknow, Masalabar’s bring you a recipe that has been an Indian secret for ages. Made on skewers with lamb or beef, the finely minced meat is roasted in an earthen oven. It is filled with layered flavours, including garlic, garam masala, lightly spicy, and the right balance of lemon juice. 


Tandoori Chicken


Arguably the most ordered started in the best Panjabi Restaurant Near Me that is Masala Bar and Grill, the chicken is marinated and grilled in a tandoor that lends it a beautiful charred texture and smoky flavour. The chicken remains juicy while retaining all of its spices. There’s a reason why this starter has stolen many hearts worldwide. 


Aloo Tikki Chaat


If you are searching for the perfect place and with the idea of Brunch Place Near Me, then you need to try our Aloo Tikki Chaat at Masalabar’s. It serves as the ideal pick me up and is straight-up delicious! Crisp Tikki patties, topped with a delightful combination of yogurt, tamarind and coriander chutney; what’s not to love!?

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