Three Quintessential Beverages To Try At Masalabar

Three QuintessentialBeverages to Try at Masalabar

Beverages are an integral part of the fine dining experience. If you go out to eat with your friends and family in Clyde North and don’t order anything to drink besides mineral water, then you’re missing out on so much. Be it alcohol, cocktails, mocktails, or classic Indian drinks, a lot of restaurants offer unique bar experiences worth indulging in. Whenever you’re in Masalabar and Grill next, these are the three beverages that you should definitely try to make the most of your dining experience.

Mango Lassi:

Lassi is a yogurt-based drink developed in the Indian subcontinent. It is especially a popular drink in North Indian regions like Punjab, which have mastered the creation of the unique drink and have invented numerous variations of it.

Masalabar and Grill bring the lip-smacking taste of Lassi all the way from India to Melbourne to give the locals a taste of exotic dining experience. We make our lassi with a touch of mango in it. If you want to experience the classic Indian food experience, you’ve got to try lassi the next time you’re here. Head to Google and type “Indian Food Melbourne” to savour the delicious Mango Lassi in Cranbourne or Five Ways. We also serve sweet or salted lassi.

Paan Ki Dukan:

Paan Ki Dukan is a must-have cocktail that you can only try at Masalabar and Grill in the whole of Melbourne and Lynbrook. It is our signature cocktail in which we combine the savoury Sambuca and Vodka with Meetha Paan. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Indian treats, Meetha Paan is an appetizing treat made of betel leaves and various other sweet ingredients that can lift your spirits instantly.

Meetha Paan is generally consumed as an after-dinner treat. Paan Ki Dukan will enhance your indulgence manifold. If you want to try this exquisite cocktail with the classic butter chicken and naan, type “Best Biryani Near Me” on the search engine, and book a table at Masalabar and Grill or order online if you’re in Cranbourne North.

Lychee Delight:

Lychee Delight is a prominent cocktail that needs to be prepared with delicacy. The drink features Soho Lychee Liqueur, soda and ice, which can be consumed with just about any kind of cuisine, including Indian food. The drink also consists of several other ingredients which are absent from your run-of-the-mill cocktails, such as condensed milk and cream. This is what makes the drink unique and worth checking out.

Masalabar and Grill serve the best Lychee delight in Lyndhurst and Harkaway, and it would be a shame not to take a crack at this beverage while you’re here. Book a table at the restaurant to try the best Indian food in Melbourne.

We also serve a variety of other mocktails, cocktails, and archetypal Indian beverages, including Mai Tai, Virgin Colour changer, Masala Chai, and Masala Chaas. Make a reservation to make your way through our diverse drink menu, and gain insight into not only the traditional food of India but also the beverages.