The Ultimate Guide To Indo-Chinese Cuisine

Indian and Chinese cuisine has made a huge mark on the world map. What cuisine could be better than these two? Yup, a fusion of Indian and Chinese food, popularly known as “Indo-Chinese cuisine”!

The Indo-Chinese style of culinary was developed in Kolkata by the Chinese community inhabiting the region, and what a phenomenal job they did. By inventing the unique combination of turmeric, coriander seeds, and cumin, a new cooking style was prepared. If you’re new to Indo-Chinese food, here are some basic dishes that you can try to experience the magnificence of the cuisine. 

1. Hakka Noodles Veg/Chicken: 

Hakka cuisine, including Hakka noodles, was developed by the Hakka community. In this, noodles are flung into a mix of Chinese sauce, capsicum, garlic and ginger. The collaboration of these spices gives Hakka noodles the unique taste it has.

There are various sub-forms of Hakka Noodles as well, primarily Hakka Noodle veg and Hakka noodle chicken. In the latter, chicken pieces, and sometimes, even eggs, are added into the mix. You can try this popular Indo-Chinese at any fine Brunch place near you, including, Masalabar and Grill.

2. Schezwan Fried Rice Veg/Chicken:

Schezwan dishes are known for one unique ingredient that makes them so famous worldwide, Schezwan sauce. This spicy sauce is prepared with a fusion of ginger, garlic, red chillies, soy sauce, and the special ingredient, Sichuan.

The sauce is used to spice up a lot of food items, most notably fried rice! Masalabar and Grill add diced vegetables into the mix to improve the tang of the dish. Non-vegetarian lovers could also order Schezwan Fried Rice chicken and Schezwan Fried Rice eggs to make things better. Search for the best Biryani near you to get a taste of this beauty!

3. Veg/Chicken Manchurian:

Manchurian is the perfect representative of Indian Chinese food. It is made with chopped ingredients, being deep-fried and then dipped in soy sauce. There are various kinds of Manchurian dishes to choose from.

Veg Manchurian includes the deep-frying of various kinds of vegetables, while chicken Manchurian, no points for guessing, consists of cooking tender chicken pieces in soy sauce with an assortment of vegetables. It tastes exquisite with the main course and a drink. This is a must-try meal for any food lover. Search “Best Biryani near me” to book yourself a table to taste this divine dish! You won’t regret it!