Imagine you with a bowl of sleek and soft noodles dipped in aromatic gravy while sitting in a fantastic ambiance. This sounds like a true foodie dream, and at Masala Bar & Grill, we make sure you experience this over and over again. 


We are located at the most exotic location and serve the best Indo Chinese food in Melbourne. This is the reason why our customers love us and make constant visits at the restaurant. If you too are a fan of real authentic Indo-Chinese flavours, then let’s explore the various varieties we have for you: 


1. Noodles 


HakkaNoodles Veg -

Noodles tossed in Chinese sauces with onion, capsicum, ginger & garlic made by our top-chefs. This is the ultimate delight for every generation that visits our restaurant. We pick the fresh vegetables and manage to make sauce according to your will. You have an option to choose the level of spice also. Also, a twist of Indian magic is the star of this recipe. 


SchezwanNoodles Chicken -

Tossed in Chinese sauces along with schezwan sauce, farm picked eggs, fresh chicken meat, onion, capsicum, ginger & garlic, these noodles are not only delicious, but tempting. You can just have them without gravy and it will still leave a strong taste in your mouth. 


2. Gravies 


VegManchurian Gravy –

Vegetable Manchurian is an Indo-Chinese recipe. The thick scrumptious gravy has a lot of chopped vegetables with small balls floating in it. These balls are basically vegetables that are gooey and soft and can be eaten with noodles and rice. It has a unique taste and twist of Chinese and Indian flavours mixed with herbs. 


ChilliChicken Gravy –

Boneless chicken cubes are marinated, fried, and seasoned with tangy sauce and spices. It also has a variety of vegetables like capsicum, onions, and ginger in the gravy. With every bite, the chicken gets melt and an effortless journey to relish begins. The tenderness of this gravy is unbeatable.

3. Soups 


Hotand Sour Veg/Chicken Soup – 

Masala Bar & Grill can be the best hangout place with family and friends. While you enjoy a beautiful scenic view, we serve you the hot soup, loaded with vegetables or boneless chicken pieces and garnish with ginger and love. You can feel the spiciness and tangy twist for an evening appetite. 

The list doesn’t end here, you have more options to choose from the menu for best Indo Chinese food in Melbourne. You can have a look at the website and dive into the flavorsome affair of two cuisines blended in one. 


Come, relish and have a time of your life with the scrumptious meals and soothing surroundings.