Best Indian Food Melbourne

Indian food has always been a world-favourite choice of cuisine. Over the centuries, various ingenious groups have travelled to India and bring with them unnumbered culinary secrets and spices. Indians perfected these secrets and gave the world a diverse menu. Most of the delicious regional food uses rice or chicken as the primary ingredient. It is then dressed with all sorts of aromatic spices grown locally, or imported from abroad, including cardamom, tamarind, and whatnot. If you wish to experience the diversity in flavours through Indian food, Melbourne, there is no better place for you to go than Masalabar. Just type in “Indian Restaurant Near Me” and visit the top Indian restaurant in Melbourne.


Masalbar’s kitchen has mastered the authentic dishes of the South Asian country. From re-inventing the pungent aroma to replicating the savouring taste, we are one of the finest restaurants to discover the genuine modus Operandi of preparing exotic cuisine in Australia and serve you the best Indian food, Melbourne. You can also experience the pride of India from the comfort of your home by searching “Indian Takeaway Near Me” and finding yourselves at our service. Be it Butter chicken, Tandoori Murg Masala, Kadhai Paneer, or Mughlai chicken, we have something for everyone!