Whether you’re an Indian, or a foreigner, you simply cannot undermine the prowess of Indian cuisines! Indians have mastered the art of culinary! From fragrant dishes to dishes rich in spices, we can make everything with a combination of just a few herbs. Our magnificent curry dishes at Masala Bar and Grill stand testament to this claim.

You can experience the richness of curry dishes by visiting any of the top Indian restaurants in Melbourne. But what defines Indian curry? And what makes Indian curry so unique? Prepare for the cooking lesson kids!

Curry is a dish that is composed of a combination of spices and herbs. The origin of curry can be traced back to the Indian subcontinent. Various elements from India, including the Mughal Empire and Portuguese rule in India, influenced the development of Indian curry as we know it. Chili, pepper, potatoes, and tomatoes are a few ingredients of curry that were born due to this influence.

These ingredients are present in virtually all curry dishes, and the proportionate combination of these ingredients and some exquisite spices makes the Indian curries extra special! You could experience the brilliance of Indian curries by firing up your search engine and punching in Indian Restaurant Near Me. Some of the most prominent Indian curries are:

Mughlai Chicken: This dish is prepared with tender chicken with a sweet sprinkle of sauce and spices, making it enough to make you want for more!

Kashmiri Goat Korma: Having its roots in the exotic valley of Kashmir, the mutton in this curry is brightened up with the addition of creamy onion gravy! You can find this dish in any of the restaurants that serve Indian food Melbourne.

Paneer Butter Masala: Paneer is easily one of the best things the gods of food blessed us with. And clearly, Indians took great advantage of it. By mixing paneer with cream and tomato puree, you will get the best eating experience you could possibly can.

Butter Chicken: The pure pride of the Punjabi state, the Butter Chicken curry has made our lives much happier! This exotic dish combines tender chicken with fresh cream, butter, and tomato puree and gives you a sheer culinary delight! Add some butter naan into the mix, and you will have yourself an absolute treat! Experience the joy of butter naan by searching “Punjabi Restaurant near me”.

Murgh-Do-Pyaza: This curry dish is originally rooted in Hyderabad, but was developed into its current state by the North Indians. When cut-up chicken dances with green peas, onion, and sauce in the pan, you get served with this sumptuous dish! This is perhaps one of the best Indian food Melbourne.