From Mumbai to Manhattan, from Banaras to Berlin, the delightful Indian cuisine has become a favourite choice amongst foodies worldwide. The delectable food is driven by intoxicating aromas, exotic spices, and rich flavours. Once you dig into Masalabar's butter chicken and naan, you won't stop until the plate shines like the scorching sun! You will visit again and again whenever you search for Indian Restaurant Near Me!

What makes Indian cuisine so unique, you ask? We have just two words for you - our spices! But there is more to Indian food than just divine spices. Let's unravel the graceful mysteries of Indian food and understand what makes it so special!


From cardamom, clove and cumin to coriander, saffron, and fenugreek, we use all kinds of spices known to mankind in their food. Each herb brings its own flavour and delight to the table and makes the food finger-licking good!

As soon as the divine Indian curry touches your taste buds, your heart is bound to bloom with jubilance. This is the magic of spices that empowers Indian food and makes it one of the world's best cuisines! Masalabar restaurant is the top Indian restaurant in Melbourne that will serve the delightfulness of Indian cuisines its full glory!


Indian food is prepared with order and method. Since the food requires an abundance of spicy ingredients, there's a proper time and arrangement for adding each element into the pan. Each spice is then cooked for a fixed period.

How much time is given to cooking adds to the final delectable taste of the food. You could simply launch your search engine and punch in "Punjabi restaurant near me", to taste the sheer pleasure of Indian food.


Indian food is more than just grilling chicken and seasoning it with salt and paper, as many western dishes are made. Indian cuisines are more complex, this is what makes them unique and so special. Each dish requires hours of cooking and then another hour of dressing.

At times, some of the ingredients have to be cooked 12 hours before the cooking of the actual dish takes place. Thus, if you ever decide to make an Indian dish for your friends, you might need to consider taking a few lessons before replicating the richness of authentic Indian dishes.

Tasting dishes of Masalabar restaurant would give you a nudge in the direction of preparing delicious Indian food. It is undoubtedly the Best Indian Restaurant in Melbourne. It's also an excellent party venue, Melbourne!