There have been tons of debate among foodies on which food is better- is it vegetarian or non-vegetarian?

Answer… nowhere to be found. We also don’t have an answer to this, but we sure know where you can eat tasty and flavorful Indian vegetarian food. Near me, there are quite a few vegetarian eating joints, but they lack one fine ingredient- uniqueness.

There is a pattern among eating places, they all serve some common and popular food dishes only, they do not go out of their way and try out something new. With vegetarian food you must be unique, there is not a lot to play with here.

Masala Bar and Grill offers flavorful, tasty, and authentic food. What makes their food so unique and desirable?

One thing which shines out is that they give customers a choice to eat healthily. You can get your favorite dish made according to your style and keeping your eating choices in mind.

For example, if you eat a gluten-free diet Masala Bar and Grill provides that, if you want to eat nut-free even then so. How many restaurants give such a facility? Most eating places stick to their basic and regular menu, they hardly ever make any changes.

But not the case with Masala Bar and Grill, yes, you can have your cake and eat it too.

Near me, people desire yummy vegetarian food but fail to find one. This is mostly the case but not anymore as we told you try out MSB once and you will for sure fall in love with their food diversity.

Let us look at some of the mouthwatering cuisines

1. Harabhara Kebab- A fine entrée filled with potato, covered with spinach, and served with ketchup. You can again order it nut-free, vegan way, dairy-free, etc.

2. Veg Manchurian dry- Manchurian is served with fried rice often. These are vegetable dumplings battered and fried tossed in mild spicy & tangy Chinese sauce with onion and capsicum. A fine combination of spicy and tangy waiting for you at Masala Bar and Grill, visit today.

3. Bhelpuri- A light evening snack popular among kids especially. Bhelpuri is made with puffed rice with a blend of onions, tomatoes, potatoes, sweet and spicy sauces & topped with thin gram flour noodles (sev) & coriander. People near me adore this vegetarian food snack, Bhelpuri feels light on the stomach and is delicious in taste.

4. Vada pav- A popular and favorite street food of Mumbai served at Masala Bar and Grill with chickpea batter squashed in a dinner roll with tamarind & mint sauce and some dry garlic chili chutney.

At the End

Most vegetarian food restaurants near me serve bland food, but after visiting Masala Bar and Grill I fell in love all over with vegetarian food. It is tasty, flavorful, and unique from other cuisines. You must go and enjoy delicious food with your friends or family once!