Indian Wedding Food in Cardinia

You don't have to be an Indian to know that food is perhaps the best part of Indian weddings. Frankly, some people get married only to savour an assorted menu. All jokes aside, if you're having a wedding in Cardinia and want to treat your guests to the best cuisine out there, you better place your bets on Indian food. On that front, Masala Bar & Grill has got you covered! Our restaurant serves virtually all kinds of dishes and curries that fall within the ambit of traditional Bhartiya food. From butter chicken, and kadhai chicken, to varying kinds of paneer, our menu is super diverse, just like India itself! So, what are you waiting for? Fire up your search engine and type "Indian Restaurant Near Me", and book our services today. Masala Bar & Grill offers exceptional catering services. There are not many eateries in Australia that can walk shoulder to shoulder to us in terms of authenticity. You can test our dishes before the big day by typing "Best Indian Food Melbourne" on Google and booking a table at the restaurant. There is a reason why we are a Top Indian Restaurant in Melbourne. Visit to find out!