Imagine the taste of your favourite food and how the flavours of your favourite food brighten up your day and make you yearn for more. Now triple that culinary delight, and you will get that from every Indian dish! This is the pure excellence of what Indians offer when they get down to cooking! From preparing aromatic curries to spice-enriched dishes, the delight of Indian food is like no other.

You can experience the richness of curry dishes by visiting any of the top Indian restaurants in Melbourne. But what defines Indian curryWhat are some of the Indian dishes that will make you forget your favourite foods? Prepare yourself to have a mouth-watering experience with these enlisted dishes. The best part is, you can find all these dishes at Masala Bar and Grill Restaurant that serves top Indian food, Melbourne!

1. Butter Chicken: If we had to describe the rich Punjabi culinary culture in two words, we’d say “butter chicken”! This exotic dish is prepared by throwing in tender chicken pieces, cream, butter and tomato puree into a supreme mixture. With the combination of these ingredients, you could experience the exquisite eating delight of Indian food in Melbourne. You could search Punjabi Restaurant near me and have an excellent time savouring the flavours of Butter Chicken at Masala Bar and Grill Restaurant.Don’t forget to order butter naan as well!

2. Paneer Makhan Masala: Indians have indeed owned cottage cheese by converting this mundane ingredient into something splendid! An aromatic and super-delicious dish is served by adding cottage cheese pieces into creamy onion cashew gravy, with oodles of butter. Along with other exotic Indian dishes, PaneerMakhan Masala is one of the best Indian foodMelbourne.

3. Mutton Kadhai: Oh, so you thought your favourite food is the most delicious dish on Earth? Prepare this opinion of yours to be changed entirely by trying out the Mutton Kadhai, served writhingly hot from the kitchens of Masala Bar and Grill! Mutton Kadhai consists of cooked goat added into the spicy brown gravy with capsicum. You simply cannot taste this delectable dish and say that there’s anything else better than it in the world!

4. Channa Masala: Vegetarians, huddle up! While Indians specialize in creating something exotic out of meat, the vegetarians too could have an excellent time and enjoy the delicious Channa Masala. In this dish, Chickpeas are cooked in a spicy mixture of delectable flavours. You could experience the brilliance of Channa Masala in any of the top Indian restaurants in Melbourne and have a super time with friends and family!