The hospitality industry is ever-changing, and with the pandemic, tables have turned, quite literally. In case you are curious about the recent shifts you may be seeing, then keep reading as we discuss the newest trends emerging in the food business and how Masalabar and Grill, your top search for finest ‘Panjabi Restaurant Near Me’, is keeping up with it!

1. Transparency is the way to go!

A recent survey revealed that customers have increased interest in what ingredients are being used in their food and where it is coming from. The demand for more organic and ethically sourced components is gradually gaining momentum, and Masalabar is all for it.

Dishing out the best Indian Food Melbourne isn’t easy, but we do it by sourcing locally, ensuring that every allergen and ingredient is listed in detail for different dishes, and using only fresh produce.

2. Sustainability

Consumers have started becoming aware of their action and impact on the environment. It affects the food industry, too, and minimizing waste has increased quite a bit. Encouraging new farming practices, exchanging plastic for more recyclable alternatives, and keeping a keen eye on how to cut back on the waste generated has been some of the efforts undertaken by Masalabar to take part in being more efficient.

3. Shift towards Plant-Based

Plant-based is not a ‘way of living’ anymore; it has taken centre stage globally. Masalabar’s menu offers a variety of options for diners preferring vegan and vegetarian options. Touted as the Best Indian Food Melbourne, we understand the shifting needs and try our best to cater to them.

4. Innovation

Innovation is the sure-shot way to stay relevant. Overlapping flavours and lines between what was once considered acceptable and unacceptable have started to blur. When you type in ‘Indian Restaurant Near Me’ and Masalabar pops up, know that we focus on innovation while ensuring that we stay authentic to Indian flavours.

5. Health & Wellness

Masalabar’s different dishes are curated with different allergens in mind, and our chefs know that balance is key to ensure an optimal experience. Masalabar and Grill, your favourite Brunch Place Near Me, marries taste and health perfectly!