We all crave the divine spices and aroma of Indian food every once in a while, don’t we? Whether it’s a date night, a brunch with friends, or a quick breakfast on the way to work, we can all give ourselves a break to treat our bellies with excellent dishes! Masalabar and Grill to the rescue! Whether you are a vegan, vegetarian, or chicken lover, Masalabar has got everything in its pocket to serve your tastebuds!

Why should you fall in love with Masalabar? You are looking for one reason, but we give you 5!

Menu That Caters To Every Need

Is it chaat you crave? Or is it the aromatic butter chicken and butter naan your tastebuds desire today? Whatever is it that you yearn to eat, Masalabar has got it!

With a skilled team of chefs, there is nothing that this top Indian restaurant in Melbourne cannot prepare! From lentils, chicken curry to seafood, Masalabar has food for all kinds of mood! We didn’t earn our reputation for serving Best Indian Food Melbourne without doing anything!

Place For Every Mood

Whether you want to throw a birthday party, a wedding reception, corporate event, or ladies night, Masalabar is your one-stop destination for all the event needs. With wide-ranging food and beverages, plus the exquisite ambience of the place, this bar and restaurant is the best party venue, Melbourne. Furthermore, it is also the best venue for a girls night out!

Authentic Recipes

Masalabar prepares its food with sheer authenticity. All the recipes are inspired by age-old Indian culinary practices that are developed and harnessed through the passage of centuries. In this spirit, Masalabar is the best place to visit when you search Vegetarian Food Near Me!

Chic Ambiance

With a vast seating area under glowing lights, Masalabar has just the perfect setting and ambience for each event. Whether it’s a first date or a day out with children, Masalabar restaurant has an appeal for all occasions! Under this restaurant's exquisite lightings, you could also find a perfect spot to sit in serenity and do some office work if need be.

Exceptional Customer Service

The one thing that makes our day completely pleasant is a friendly and helpful restaurant staff after a hard day at work. Masalabar is a place wherein everyone, from the cashier to the manager, is amicable and helpful. If there is any problem with any aspects of your fine dining, you could approach the staff and have your issues cleared out in minutes! That’s the beauty of Masalabar!

We are also delivering, so whenever you search Indian Takeaway Near Me, order from us, and you will not be disappointed!