Masala Bar and Grill- Best Restaurant to Try Out Biryani

World-renowned dish biryani takes time to be made and years of practice to cook it perfectly.

Cooking biryani is a challenge and we know that after long working hours and between hectic schedules it's next to impossible to cook delicious biryani at home. Finding an Indian Restaurant that cooks best biryani near me on Google might not show you apt results.

Worry not Masala Bar and Grill can fulfill your desire to have yum biryani delivered at home. You can order it or come visit us and eat along with your favourite people and have a fun time.

Find out different kinds of biryanis we serve/cook at our restaurant.

·         Handi Veg Biryani

It is one of the most loved biryanis at our restaurant, the reason being it’s the only veg biryani. Handi biryani is cooked slowly with layers of vegetables, a variety of spicy masalas. We serve the biryani with flavorful cucumber raita; you can savor it for as long you want (we won't mind). We use carrots, French beans, boiled potatoes, green cardamom, clove cumin seed, fresh coriander.

·         Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani

This type of biryani is filled with flavors that are known to biryani lovers. There are many different methods to prepare it, we add marinated chicken with layers of long-grain rice.

·         Goat Dum Biryani

We use fresh goat meat and long grain rice to cook delicious dum biryani and top it with freshly cut coriander to enhance its taste. You get yummy cucumber raita with freshly made goat dum biryani as well.

No doubt in saying that biryani is it of any type is loved by everyone, so much that there is a vegetarian version of it too. Rice is of course the main ingredient that is why we use basmati and good quality rice.

Masala Bar and Grill takes biryani cooking very seriously and that is why we cook each type of biryani with patience, care, and love. We want to make ‘biryani time’ as special it can be for all our customers.

Masala Bar and Grill- the Most Fine Dine Near Me!

Masala Bar and Grill is known for its elegant ambiance and delicious food. We serve the best Indian food in Melbourne, you can come and enjoy the main course, snacks, biryani, veg platter, Shahi paneer, and a lot tastier food. If you are also searching for ‘best biryani near me’ home delivery, then we are a perfect choice.

If even after searching fine dine near me for hours you cannot one single restaurant it’s probably because you are searching wrong. Find out Masala Bar and Grill and come visit us for a great day with your friends or family. Let us make your day worth remembering.

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