Indian restaurants are famous for drawing in crowds. While some people know exactly what the hype is, others are still clueless. Indian cuisine is a favourite in Australia, but somedays people can be found scratching their heads over questions gnawing at them. Before you start to explore Masalabar and Grill, the top Indian Restaurant in Melbourne, read up on these:

Q: Why do people eat in Indian restaurants?

A: For Indians, it is a way to relive the taste of their homeland. Many also adore the hospitality and warmness that Masalabar and Grill bring through its attentive service and well-trained staff; after all, this is what Indian culture is all about. The conversation with your loved ones flows easily over delicious dishes and drinks; the ambience is welcoming; what more could you want?

Q: What are the type of dishes available at a typical Indian restaurant?

A: The typical dishes that are available to woo diners are – Butter Chicken, Dal Makhani, Paneer Butter Masala, Naan, Seasonal Halwas, Gulab Jamun. While these are certainly showstoppers at Masalabar and Grill, there is always a widespread option available, from street food to serving the best Indo Chinese food Melbourne.

Q: What is so unique about Indian dishes?

A: The unique aroma of various spices, including cumin, coriander seeds, peppercorn, cardamom, turmeric, saffron, curry leaves, asafoetida, is enough to attract anyone to at least try out Indian cuisine once in their lifetime. Masalabar ensures that we stay true to our roots while having a hint of innovation in our dishes, which adds a whole other dimension to our creations.

Q: Is everything prepared from scratch?

A: While a certain degree of prep may be involved, Masalabar prepares everything from scratch to ensure that every order is delivered hot and fresh from our kitchens to your table or home for the perfect experience when you search for Fine Dine Near Me.

Q: Are ingredients sourced locally?

A: The key to dishing out authentic Indian dishes to use fresh ingredients. We ensure that all our ingredients are sourced from local farms to show our support while maintaining our integrity and staying true to our ethics and values.

Masalabar and Grill is the #1 choice, especially if you are searching for ‘Indian Takeaway Near Me’ or ‘Vegetarian Food Near Me’, because we have plenty of options, fast delivery, and guarantee an unforgettable experience!